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So. On intention.

This game is inspired by what's called the Strategy Tactics genre, seminal
titles being Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, Front Mission, and Tactics Ogre.
Great games.

Nature of game dev though is not to recreate things, its to progress. To
build on, expand and refine. As successors and sequels in the genre evolve,
what we see is a high level of sophistication in systems and customization.
Streamlined play experiences, deep levels of personalization and loadout.

Take a look at the FFTactics Advance titles. Modern entries are fun,
whimsical, colorful. Immediately accessible for all ages.

Hard stop. However - The original Final Fantasy Tactics was a biting
criticism of feudal chivalry and the medieval Catholic church. Tactics Ogre
was deeply influenced by the Yugoslav war and the Bosnian Genocide. Limited
by technology of the time, they still aspired to be mature experiences, to
address conflict and ask difficult questions.

That's the sort of experience I would hope to produce for you with this
title (if I finish it). A conversation about morality in the context of modern mysticism,
spirituality, science. It's about personal frailty - flawed people who
intend to be better.

On a hexagonal chessboard. With magic monsters. Don't judge me man. Shape
of Water's got 13 Oscar nods, don't let weird scare you.

Doing all the art myself so far. My stuff is a bit cartoony for the tone.

Game is in early alpha, which means it's playable but core features are incomplete and bugs are expected. 

Love comments/suggestions/criticism.



wasd / arrow keys : pan camera
space / enter : advance
click : select, issue orders.
escape: unselect/cancel

All Included music is made available by creative commons or open licensing.

* If unlicensed music appears in the game, you do NOT have an approved distributable build. Get the real thing!

by Parijat Mishra
Creative Commons License.

Paper lanterns in the dusk
by springtide (Hart Ichinose)
Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike

Draw me a Rainbow
by Metastaz
2014 : Oriental Dub Express

The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan
by Chris Zabriskie
published by : You've Been a Wonderful Laugh Track (ASCAP)


poiklos_mac.app.zip 57 MB
poikolos_pc.zip 53 MB

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